Phase II

Even as money is being raised for and work underway on Phase I, architectural designs are being drawn up for Phase II.  McLelland Architecture of Tuscaloosa will again do the architectural designs, and as with Phase I, architectural design will be made possible in part by a matching grant—this time for $30,000—from the Alabama State Council of the Arts.


Phase II will consist of the rehabilitation of the historic theater itself, the offices on the third floor, and egress and elevators located both in the main building and in the Phillips II annex, the restoration of the upper façade, and possibly the restoration of the third floor and balcony.


With Phase I due for completion in 2013, work on Phase II is scheduled to begin in 2014 with a 2015 completion date.


The theater with its gilded ceiling, magnificent burled woodwork, fireplace with carved mantel with decorative tiles, original chandelier and medallion of hand-painted cherub musicians will, when restored look much as it did when it opened in 1903.  Guests will now, however, enjoy  the luxury of modern lighting and sound systems and heating and air conditioning.  They will no longer be tempted to watch a performance through the window from while seated on the roof of the adjacent building as some of the older folks have said they did—all for a breath of fresh air in the steamy Alabama summer!


With the theater itself, in all its period beauty, again open to the public, the dream that many, many have entertained for decades, will have at last come true!