Having purchased the structure, Greensboro Opera House, Inc., is now ready to embark on the phased rehabilitation of the Opera House. The overall rehabilitation plan calls for five phases:

Phase I. Rehabilitation of the large open space on the ground floor, renovation of the facade, reconstruction of the main staircase, and provision for dealing with any repair and stabilization problems that pose a threat to the building as a whole.

Phase II. Rehabilitation of the theater itself.

Phase III. Rehabilitation of rooms and offices on second and third floors.

Phase IV. Rehabilitation of adjoining store space on the west side of the building.

Phase V. Expansion of the existing building to the rear side or south western side of the building in the form of a new structure in order to provide additional space for wings, dressing rooms, ect.

The phased rehabilitation plan is designed to enable immediate limited use of facilities upon completion of the first phase with expanded usage following the completion of each following phase of rehabilitation. Upon completion, the Greensboro Opera House has the potential enrich the community historically, aesthetically, culturally, educationally, and economically.